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When people contact our office, it is because they have been injured and are in pain and need help.


You may need help obtaining medical care for injuries sustained in the accident, getting the damage to your vehicle repaired, or assistance renting a vehicle.

Paul A. Le Chevalier, Esq.



We want our clients to be free to focus on their medical care and treatment so that they can recover from their injuries as quickly as possible. Therefore our first priority is to ensure our clients receive the appropriate medical care and treatment. In addition to handling all matters dealing with medical providers, we will also handle all matters dealing with insurance companies, auto body shops, and car rental agencies so that our clients do not have to. Then after our clients have recovered from their personal injuries, our job is to ensure that they receive the best possible settlement from the party that caused the injuries and damages.


In a personal injury case, time is of the essence. Even short delays can adversely affect the settlement value of your case. It is therefore critically important to obtain expert legal advice about the specifics of your case. Because each case is unique, our office is happy to offer a FREE NO-COST NO-OBLIGATION consultation either in person or over the telephone. We will answer your questions and explain all aspects of the claims process so that you understand your rights and are able to make an informed decision on how best to proceed and protect yourself.

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